Friday, October 24, 2014

Engagements and Booking 2015

 As the year winds down and the wedding season comes to a close, there is one thing to remember ... it's booking season!..

With the brides and grooms of today racing around with their busy lives and schedules, remember to book at least a year in advance your venue, the same amount of time for music and photography, at least 6 to 8 months for the flowers, officiant and let's not forget the wedding cake.

Right now I am taking in orders for the 2015 wedding season and as I have heard from at least two venues they no longer have  Saturday's available for the upcoming year.

If you have a special place in mind the two of you are really crazy about start now in the process of reserving it for your Big day so as not to become on a B list of choices.

The best florists and bakers don't fall to far behind this traditional year out for the venue as the wine country's popularity has become an open invitation for the country's best wedding destination..

 It doesn't take more than a deposit reserve your placement so if you are ready my suggestion is to book as early as you feel comfortable.

The holidays are a travel time for most visiting the wine country to see their relatives as well as scoping out venues and vendors so don't miss out on this open season and allow yourselves plenty of time to decide which venue and vendor suits you best.

I have a contact us page on my website in which I have a handful of venues and vendors I recommend as well as other services from trade professionals you might find suitable for you and your party as well.

As always be safe in your travels and Buon Appetite!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Following trends year to year

 Just for fun, try to guess the year of these cake photos.
From trending now to trending back then..

Keeping up with the latest designs are my biggest passion, following trends from year to year really can be distinctive to the year itself.

 I'll bet you can guess,
 from the roushing to the fabric looking draping swags to those tall pillars which year these cakes date back to,  ? and which are more recent..  . The dessert bar? Cupcake craze?
When did those start trending?

How about the bare or naked cakes ,? anyone know?
Ill get right back to you if you are right or a close guess.. Have fun and as always buon appetite
all  Wedding cakes photographed by Michele

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Ombr'e cake designs YES...

If you have been to any wedding's this year you might have been a party to a cake of a different color.
 Ombr'e and multicolored cakes have taken to the stage and how..
This year I have added very minor decoration to the design as the ombr'e is all you need to make for a beautiful eye appealing presentation.

Once the color has been determined the design can be accomplished in either the buttercream icing or the Rolled fondant as shown .

 Ombr'e pronounced Om-bray refers to colors that blend into each other, most often the darkest at the base to the lightest color or white to the top tier.

The taller and more narrow the cake is I believe the better the effect.

One of the best aspects of the ombre's design is it's simplicity, the other is the ability to hit your color perfectly somewhere in the pattern , color matching from fabric color pigments to food colors are quite different, seafoam green in a fabric color isn't the same in a food color and the ombr'e design allows a soft transition to allow for a perfect match somewhere along the line .

toppers seem to be waning and graceful flowers are the new trend, larger displays like the peonie or magnolia have been very popular as well which can also be made into an ombr'e as they truly are in nature.

Make it a great day and make it ombr'e !:0)  it's all the range and the hot trend... and by all means enjoy the day it's all about you two..

 As always buon appetite..

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Bigger Wedding cakes on the Rise!

The Wedding cake business this year is booming, my boutique wedding cake business is already booking into 2015 and I don't see any signs of slowing down . I will squeeze this in between cakes and consultations for this and the coming year with extremely busy weekends. I think this is a trend that isn't going away.Is it possible the dessert bar days are over.?
 I really think the recession a year back and beyond had really hit the wedding industry hard. Florists in particular,  I know of some even loosing their businesses due the fact that everyone was on a budget, with flowers, cakes and the smaller necessities of the wedding being downsized or even eliminated. I was able to struggle though being able to offer sweetheart cakes and sheet cakes, cupcakes and the like.

As for the venues now, even the larger ones are becoming so full with inquires and bookings that we all think the wedding day blues on a budget days are behind us so if you are in love with a venue call ahead they are already booking into 2016.

 I have to think this isn't all due to the local economy, there has also been a great number of visitors on the rise to the wine country from all states across the country.

Seems to me Sonoma and Napa counties have become the number #1 Wedding day Destination. My clients are coming in from Texas,Arizona, the East coast, Southern California and many other states.

 I have to say why not, have you driven over to Napa or Sonoma , WOW, it's like a fairyland , a bounty of beautiful views and an abundant sunshine.
 Not hard to imagine a wedding here from any standards.

I have included a couple of photos to my blog to show off a few new styles from adding some bling to some color and more height..
This is your day a very special day so weather it be simple and pretty, or elaborate and tall just remember it has to also taste good too... so remember to hire a baker you know can deliver all of the aspects of your wedding cake, design, flavor, and reliability.. and as always Buon appetite!