Thursday, May 21, 2015


When it comes to Wedding Cakes why is it that they are so expensive??
When you order a birthday cake for the family the occasion is usually casual informal and just a fun time event. You would like to have something appealing to the eye and scrumptious to the palate.
 When you are ordering for your wedding well this is an entirely different and once in a lifetime event.

 So when you hire a baker for your Bid Day Q..?
Why are wedding cakes so expensive.?!.

The number #1 reason. supply and demand, as with any business you have to understand the nature of supply and demand. My ability to take in a wedding cake order is very specific and limited to time vs. cost ratio.
 As with my business I am a one person show ...I am the baker, the owner, the designer,and the delivery person.

When you hire me for your wedding you are hiring my experience and background in the field as well as peace of mind that everything will be delivered as promised, on time in perfect condition and exactly as you had envisioned.

#2 Location , Location ,Location.. we are the  #1 most preferred region for weddings in the united states. The wine country has gained so much popularity over the years due to is's amazing climate, expansive and awesome views and of course the wine .
 Brides and grooms travel from all around the world to have their wedding nuptials acknowledged and recorded right here in our very own backyard.

 I never take for granted this amazing place we live in and so many people flock to use to have their Big Day celebrated among the beautiful rolling hills, expansive gardens, and amazing winery venues.

#3 Skill , labor and ingredients.
A wedding cake is very personalized to each event based on, location , design , colors , flavors, and originality.

 When you are purchasing a wedding cake you kinda need to think of it as purchasing a one of a kind specially ordered work of art designed just for you. The only difference is that it is all edible and made from flour, sugar, and butter from scratch no artificial anything using the best of ingredients.

A typical wedding cake from start to finish will take approximately 5-8 hours of time depending on the flavors and design, the ingredients cost is usually %20 of the total amount as well as consultation time 1 hr + correspondence time +2 hrs. A baker will coordinate with the florist for flowers, the venue for the perfect delivery time the coordinator for any other messages from the bride to be for special instructions.

Very unlike a birthday cake, wedding cakes are very specialized, and when you pay a higher price per serving you are also paying for the experience and know how of the baker ,the ingredients cost as well as the location..
I hope this brief summary of value for cost is helpful in understanding why wedding cakes are such a pricey wedding item ...
And as always Buon appetite!!

Monday, February 9, 2015

Ennie mennie minnee mo

     Choosing your venue and vendors for your wedding day can range from a very simple to a very elaborate venture.

 Finding the right vendor to suit your style and taste while staying on budget can be like sorting though a mountain of information which can be a bit overwhelming at times with alot of fine print in the middle.

One thing for certain is to know all of the ins and outs ,, all the pros and cons, the terms and written agreements including all costs you might incur up front so you are left with absolutely no hidden surprises in the end are able to enjoy and appreciate your vendors talented contributions to your one of a kind day.

 From the venue to  photographer to the limo to the tux rental they all differ . The wedding is an  enormous industry all vendors and venues take great pride in providing the best of service to you the Bride so you have a pleasant experience with them to pass along.

In the course of your selection a few things to consider..
Starting with the venue , the first step , every vendor will ask you where and when is the wedding first question you should have on your mind and should consider booking the farthest from the date of your wedding to secure your day.

 I suggest start looking at least 1+ year before the date of your event and secure it with a deposit in order hold it for you and your groom at the original quoted price, from there everything will fall into place.. be sure the logistics are acceptable to the majority of your family and friends and can also accommodate the maximum number you would like to invite.

Second the catering, these services can book as far out as the venue and my suggestion would be to try three different companies to give yourselves a good comparison as to which each has to offer in the way of quality, presentation and price..... They will all be differ, for sure..
The music the officiant and the flowers next and of course the dessert.Wedding coordinators are also extremely helpful to all of the venue and vendors and provide a great way to keep everything organized and on budget, they also know who is who in the county and can direct you to whom they know is a good fit for you for services and narrow it down a bit.. So there you have it.. Best wishes to you and happy hunting.. for your wedding cake try my corner @

Monday, December 15, 2014

It's all about the BASE.. Price$

Weddings have a certain flare for bringing out the  most creative form of artistic and romantic expression.

It is safe to say that some vendors and venues have remained reasonably affordable to the creative bride working within a estimate of cost and the big breakdown .

It is up to the bride and family to determine the hard budget for the BIG DAY and to put the largest percentage towards what they feel is the most important aspect of the wedding to them when all is said and the day is done.

Now remember this price tag nicely presented to you by The Knot Magazine for brides doesn't also include the cost of the honeymoon.

This is also a National average so if you will be getting married and choose a popular destination such as New York or The wine country you might expect to pay more for the venue and other services.

This study is based on 2013 so add $1,000 or so overall.for the upcoming 2015 season.

As for my business my specialty will be to write here about wedding cake prices and give you a little better idea of how it all works.

Judging from the 2013 national average being $546 for your wedding cake, I can say this is a very good standard not high and not low but right in the center. I am guessing this is for a three tier round cake with buttercream frosting as the majority of brides order this type and it is the preferred frosting over the rolled fondant.

Some of the factors to keep in mind when placing your order that will effect the base price of your baker are the details of the overall design exterior, the shape, the intricacy , and different fillings such as fresh fruits.

The cost of wedding cakes range greatly within these categories.
The icing for example from $5.50 per serving for buttercream to $12 for Rolled fondant.

Hand molded flowers or extensive labor intensive filigree or detailed piping will for certain raise the base price.

You might wonder why one baker is so much more or less from another in their price ,it is the simple concept of supply and demand. If a baker is highly accredited and books quickly and early for the year you could expect to pay the premium.

If a baker is beginning a business and is just getting into the public with a few good reviews this could be a great find as long as you trust them and their work.
Some bakers even though highly experienced have a lower base price due to their use of mixes or limiting you to one flavor for your whole wedding cake.

All professional bakers must have a business licence, a commercial kitchen/space to work ,  health and food safety permits updated on an annual basis as well as be certified to handle food in their county of service, this will always be good cause to pay a higher ticket price as the baker will need to add these costs to the whole package.The fancier the shop/ kitchen the higher the cost to you.

Always keep in mind the Base price is the starting price and each baker will differ.

Delivery ,set up and equipment rental might be added to the final and a %25 to %50 down of the total is customary to book an order to secure a good baker for your day.

Most of all have fun at the tasting but keep in mind your overall cake budget, this will help determine the options available to you for the Big day and final design..

 Thank you and as always Boun Appetite!..

Friday, October 24, 2014

Engagements and Booking 2015

 As the year winds down and the wedding season comes to a close, there is one thing to remember ... it's booking season!..

With the brides and grooms of today racing around with their busy lives and schedules, remember to book at least a year in advance your venue, the same amount of time for music and photography, at least 6 to 8 months for the flowers, officiant and let's not forget the wedding cake.

Right now I am taking in orders for the 2015 wedding season and as I have heard from at least two venues they no longer have  Saturday's available for the upcoming year.

If you have a special place in mind the two of you are really crazy about start now in the process of reserving it for your Big day so as not to become on a B list of choices.

The best florists and bakers don't fall to far behind this traditional year out for the venue as the wine country's popularity has become an open invitation for the country's best wedding destination..

 It doesn't take more than a deposit reserve your placement so if you are ready my suggestion is to book as early as you feel comfortable.

The holidays are a travel time for most visiting the wine country to see their relatives as well as scoping out venues and vendors so don't miss out on this open season and allow yourselves plenty of time to decide which venue and vendor suits you best.

I have a contact us page on my website in which I have a handful of venues and vendors I recommend as well as other services from trade professionals you might find suitable for you and your party as well.

As always be safe in your travels and Buon Appetite!

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